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Woman in Fan Front 1854

This photo is dated March 1854 on a slip of paper held between the pages of the book on the table.

The lady wears a fan front dress with tightly fitting drop sleeves. She has a small gold and gem brooch holding the embroidered net lace collar closed at the throat. She wears a shiny-fabric apron, likely a silk taffeta - you can just see her dress skirt at the far left of the picture. The apron does not have a bib section. She wears no ring on her left hand.

Girl with T bodice

This girl's pink dress clearly shows its construction details. the bodice is cut from a single piece of fabric, folded at shoulder and the side seam sewn. Notice that the sleeves are not sewn to the bodice, they were cut as one piece with it. The waistline is a corded hem of the bodice, to which the skirt is cartridge pleated. Ribbon trim was used to make a linear decoration at sleeves and hem. A lace petticoat shows beneath the skirt.

Boy in fan-front dress

This boy's portrait is a fine example of an 1850's fan front dress for a child. The boat neck is edged in a lace or ribbon trim, as is the sleeve. The pattern shows that the sleeve is cut on bias. There are three rows of trim at the end of the sleeve. The boy wears his hair in ring curls of moderate length, but it is still parted on the side, showing that this is a boy child.

Toddler girl in cloak

This is an unusual cased image of a toddler girl, about two years old. She appears to be wearing a full circle cloak with a broad trim down the front opening. Underneath is a checked garment, whose details cannot be seen. Her hair is parted in the middle, but curled or dressed on the sides in a way that is hard to identify.

Three postmortem children

These three children are noted as having died from cholera. The photo was taken after their death, as shown by the closed eyes.

All three are wearing plaid from the, probably from the same bolt.

The large school slate shows a three column addition partly solved. The middle boy holds a large lump of chalk.

Girl with doll

Tinting of this photo shows a purple dress on the little girl and a pink dress on her doll.

The girl has a fan-front dress with a boat neck edged with lace. Her short sleeves have lace edging as well. Her skirt has some trim applied at mid-thigh. She wears petticoats that provide some spring to the skirt, holding it out on the side while seated.

Her low shoes are fastened with a strap around the ankle. She wears socks extending to mid-calf.

Brother and Sister 2

Traces of tinting show in the faces of this brother and sister.

Boy with tunic

This boy looks to be about eight. He has a dark Russian tunic with metal buttons. His broad rise and fall collar is white and opens in the back. His hair is parted on the side.

Boy with toy dog

This little blue-eyed blond boy has his push toy with him, a stuffed poodle mounted on a four-wheeled platform.

He wears a blue Russian Tunic, fastened with moderate-sized buttons. Under the tunic he has a blue and white striped shirt. He is wearing white or very light blue pants. His shoes show little detail.

He is wearing his hair with two parts and a front curl held by macassar oil.

Boy with flowers

This boy is old enough to have been breeched - that is, he's wearing trousers rather than a dress. He wears a front-opening Russian Tunic with a high neck and a lace collar.

The table and flowers show the sort of tinting that was commonly used in photographs.

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