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Ed's New California Songster

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Many years in the making, Ed's New California Songster includes Early and Mid-Victorian popular vocal music, as performed in Old Sacramento. This large collection drawn from original sources includes songs of the California Gold Rush, American mid-19th century popular and patriotic songs, comic and stage songs, hymns, Christmas carols, and a selection of British and Irish songs. More than 120 authentic mid-Victorian songs, recommended for Civil War groups, Old West re-enactors, and anyone who loves the history of music in America.

Spring Work for March

March—The nits or eggs of all vermin which have lain dormant through the cold months, will now begin to hatch, and unless preventatives arp promptly applied, the increase of bedbugs and cockroaches will be without number.

Juvenile Roguery

The arrest of the juvenile thieves at San Francisco, mentioned in our telegraphic dispatches yesterday, led to the discosure of a singular series of robberies. one of the principal rogues in the gang, whose name is Durkin, confesses, according to the Herald's report, that he has accomplished so many robberies that it is impossible for him to recollect and enumerate them; but that within eight months he was committed nearly six hundred robberies—in some places getting not more than three bits, and in others securing one hundred dollars.

A Man Shot! - Great Excitement in Consequence!

On Monday night about 9 o'clock, a report spread that a man had been shot by a woman, and hurrying feet were heard in all quarters of people running to ascertain the particulars. Repairing to the street, and joining the crowd of anxious inquirers, after hearing the different stories of those professing to be familiar with the facts, the following particulars were gathered:

Pianoforte arrives

Union 1854

A magnificent Pianoforte of Prench manufacture, was landed on the Levee yesterday. It is far superior to any musical instrument we have seen in the country, and the original cost was $800. We heard that it will be offered for sale by J. B. Starr & Co., next Monday.

A Miner's Joke

Sacramento Union 1854

A laughable incident occurred near Placerville a few days since. A miner who was engaged in digging out a spot for laying the foundation for a house deposited a lump of gold in the ground, shrewdly suspecting that some inquisitive knight of the pick would ere long be "prospecting" therabouts. A number having soon congregated about him, he accidentally struck his pick unto the right spot, and turned up the shining lump.

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