Spring Work for March

March—The nits or eggs of all vermin which have lain dormant through the cold months, will now begin to hatch, and unless preventatives arp promptly applied, the increase of bedbugs and cockroaches will be without number. Search for the bugs, xill all that can be found, and oil all bedsteads with corrosive sublimate, mixed with turpentine (see BEDBUGS); lift boards and barrels in the cellar; scald all the bugs under them with boiling water; spread bread and butter with arsenic, to lay in their haunts; wet crevices with the preparation of mercury, mentioned above, and preepare the same in whisky for the edges of shelves where food is stored; but be careful that none is dropped on the shelves to come in contact with food, as it is a deadly poison.

The Housekeeper's Encyclopedia Part X, Chapter I, Mrs. E. F. Haskell, 1860