Coin Timeline, Gold Rush and Civil War Eras

?1848 1,389 quarter eagles quarter eagle were made from some 230 ounces of native California ore shipped eastward. Marked CAL on reverse.
1849 Gold Dollar production begins, ends in 1889.
Private mints in San Francisco, Sacramento, Stockton, Salt Lake City.
1850 Coronet Type 1 Double Eagle begins. California State Assay Office issues stamped ingots.
1851 Silver Three-Cent Pieces begin, continue until 1873.
Federal Assay Office in S. F. replaces California Assay Office; subcontracts production to Moffet.
1853 Silver coinage reduced in weight and arrows placed on the reverse during next three years to show the lower weight.
Moffet stops coinage at end of year.
1854 San Francisco Mint established, purchased Moffet’s machinery and coins double eagles.
Indian Head Liberty Three Dollar Pieces begin production, end in 1889.
1855 Wass and Molitor produces $50 gold pieces.
1856 Small “Flying Eagle” cents, with a new alloy begin.
San Francisco mint begins producing silver coins; gold fractionals no longer needed.
1857 Braided Hair Cents (large cents) end production.
Foreign coins stop being legal tender in the US.
1859 Indian Head Cent begins production, replaces ‘Flying Eagles”
1864 Two Cent piece begins. First coin with “In God We Trust”.
Private coinage becomes illegal.
1865 Three Cent Nickel begins, ends in 1889.
1866 Shield Nickel begins; silver half-dime continues until 1873.