A Miner's Joke

Sacramento Union 1854

A laughable incident occurred near Placerville a few days since. A miner who was engaged in digging out a spot for laying the foundation for a house deposited a lump of gold in the ground, shrewdly suspecting that some inquisitive knight of the pick would ere long be "prospecting" therabouts. A number having soon congregated about him, he accidentally struck his pick unto the right spot, and turned up the shining lump. A violent paroxysm of the gold fever intsantly seized upon the bystanders, who rushed "pell mell" for axes, hatchets, and knives, wherewith to cut stakes for laying out and securing their claims. In an unprecedentedly short time eight or ten acres, averaging probably about as many cents to the acre, were duly laid off, and pre-emption rights fully secured to the claimants. It is needless to add that since that memorable day no red shirts have been visible in that section of country.