In Memorium - Wanda Leventin - 1947-2010

Wanda Leventin passed away the evening of September 22, 2010. She had been hospitalized for the last week and was in a coma at the time of her passing. Wanda was a gentle soul who will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with her daughter Jennifer and long time companion Jim.

Sit Tibi Terra Levitas, our friend.

Memoria - Ken Knott

My dear friend Wanda passed away. She was a loving soul and a good friend. I met Jim and Wanda when we were in the same OSLHP training classes in spring of 1999. Jim wears such wonderful hats, I was curious where he obtained them. Wanda told me she did hat work: hatbands, sweatbands and liners. I hat recently acquired a silk-floss top hat that needed a new sweatband. Wanda put in a new white kid leather sweatband; it was beautiful and made the hat brand new again! So we became friends.

I hung out with Jim and Wanda and went camping and traveled around like a band of gypsies; I was the third wheel. It was fun being with Wanda because she was always cheerful and happy enjoyed being around us and she had such a wacky sense of humor.

She loved cats. She must have had 10 cats; one had to be careful where to step. They came and went through a window. I named a new calico kitten Picasso because its markings resembled a cubist painting.

We would watch 'Deadwood' and Wanda would fix dinner. We would sit and talk for hours drinking wine. Life was good. And now she's gone and the world has forever changed. I miss her.