1849 Revolver - Modern Reproduction.

This reproduction 1849 revolver has the 5 inch barrel, just like our historic example. The finish and fit show how the weapon looked when new.
Modern 1849 RevolverModern 1849 Revolver

The frame and the loading lever show rainbow colors from case-hardening in the old manner. To make these parts harder, they are packed in a mix of charcoal and ground bone in a sealed box and heated to high temperature. For more information, check Wikipedia, here.
The grip straps on the original Colts were silver plated. The plating wore off in short order, of course. Later we will see the traces of it in the protected areas of the straps in the historic example. Reproductions have never been made with the plating, but our copy has had the plating done for better authenticity. Silver grip strapsSilver grip straps
The hammer has been pulled back to the "Half Cocked" position. Pulling it back this far, there is a click and the hammer will stay in position when released. At the half-cock, the cylinder is unlocked and can be turned freely. This allows the cylinders to be loaded. Going off half-cocked is very bad, because you're probably working with the gun, pouring in gunpowder or ramming a bullet into the cylinder. Precious parts of oneself are liable to be damaged. Half CockHalf Cock
Here is the full cock position. The cylinder is aligned and locked into position. The shooter sights using the notch in the hammer and the bead on the front of the barrel. Full CockFull Cock

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