Woman in Fan Front 1854

This photo is dated March 1854 on a slip of paper held between the pages of the book on the table.

The lady wears a fan front dress with tightly fitting drop sleeves. She has a small gold and gem brooch holding the embroidered net lace collar closed at the throat. She wears a shiny-fabric apron, likely a silk taffeta - you can just see her dress skirt at the far left of the picture. The apron does not have a bib section. She wears no ring on her left hand.

Women's Victorian Fashions

Postmortem Boy with Mother

This mother posed with her dead son for this portrait. We know this is a boy because his hair is parted on both sides. We know he is dead because his eyes are closed.

He wears a cotton print frock with front buttons and flounced sleeves. The clothing is poorly arranged on him, which suggests the difficulty of dressing him for this photo. The top of his left boot is visible.

Gold Locket, Single Portrait

This monogrammed "SH" and chased locket opens to show a photograph of a woman surrounded by a coil of her brown hair. The reverse of the locket is plain.

Double Portrait Locket

This rather thick and heavy gold locket has engraved enamelwork on the front and floral engraving on the back. It opens to show two photographs.

Watch Hook 1

This Etruscan Revival pin has a hook to attach a woman's watch.

Summer Gown 1850

Cotton print fan-front two-piece day dress from 1850s or perhaps 1860s.

Sapphire Ring - 1780

A circa 1780 Georgian Period natural sapphire, diamonds, and gold ring in its original box. Originates from Exeter, Devon, England c. 1Sapphire Ring, surrounded by foiled diamonds.Sapphire Ring, surrounded by foiled diamonds.780 and was made by the, "Goldsmiths Depree & Young Ltd."

Pique Earrings

These butterfly earrings are 18 karat gold framing pieces of tortoise shell. The pattern is worked into the shell by heating the shell to soften it, then embedding bars of gold and silver. Filing and polishing evens off the surface.

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