Pique Brooch, Star Pattern

Unlike many of the pique pieces we encounter, this one has a substantial part of the design in silver. When first acquired, the silver was barely distinguishable from the surrounding tortoise-shell. Careful restoration, using baking soda and aluminum to reverse the tarnishing process brought it back to life.

Pique Brooch, Honeycomb Pattern

This large pique brooch has a central honeycomb pattern, surrounded by a Greek key motif.

Pique is one of the materials which cannot be legally made anymore. It is created by steaming and heating a base of tortoise-shell, which is then molded into shape. Thin rods of precious metal are embedded into the softened shell. After cooling and hardening, the surface is ground and polished.

Lever Action 1

English lever action 18 K open-face pocketwatch, hallmarked from Chester.

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