Cameo Pendant, Brooch, Muse

The lady in this cameo is one of the muses, Erato, the muse of love poetry. Her signs are the lyre and the crown of roses.

Shell Cameo Brooch, Diana

There are many classical goddesses of the moon, including Selene, Hecate, Diana, Phoebe, etc., Selene is the one typically shown with the crescent moon hair dress. However, Diana is the only one associated with the hunt. As this lady has the moon in her hair and an compound bow behind her shoulder, she is Diana.

This shell cameo is set in silver, the metal of the moon. The clasp is missing.

Shell Cameo Brooch, Seated Woman

The seated woman in this large shell cameo is holding a lamb (or is it a very odd dog?) in her lap and admiring a flower. Perhaps this is intended to be Mary holding Jesus.

The setting is an engraved band of gold that is twisted and has golden leaves applied. The C clasp is typical mid-nineteenth century.

Shell Cameo Brooch, the Three Graces

In Greek mythology, the Graces were goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity and fertility. The three are Beauty (Aglaea), Mirth (Euphrosyne), and Good Cheer (Thalia). They were the daughters of Zeus and Euynome, and were part of Aphrodite's retinue.

This large brooch is finely-carved shell cameo set in a constructed gold frame.

Shell Cameo Brooch, the Muse Terpsichore

This shell cameo shows the muse of dance, Terpsichore, dancing with her lyre. The frame is 14 K gold tubing and sheet. The solder marks of the constructed frame are apparent on the back.
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