Gothic Revival

Bar Pin, three lozenges

Bar pins typically were used to attach a watch or watch chain to the bodice. But sometimes they were simply decorative. This pin does not have a hook on the back for the watch. The pin is dimensional, having been stamped and repouseed into high relief.

Bar Pin, one lozenge

Bar pins were commonly worn, often to hold the end of a watch chain. This example shows nice gallery wire decoration.

Agate Brooch

Queen Victoria was fond of Scotland, and spent much time at Balmoral. Scots influenced jewelry was popular during this period. This brooch includes agates. The clasp shows that this is a reproduction.

Gutta-Percha Cameo Brooch

This cameo is carved and molded from gutta-percha. It is in extremely high relief. The mount is unusual, with the pin back clasping the en-bloc cameo.
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