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In Memorium - Jason Hollingsworth

Mr. LeeMr. LeeJason Hollingsworth, our friend, companion, adviser, and inspiration, unexpectedly departed this life the evening of October 16, 2009.

As a board member, expert on historic attire, proprietor of the Stinking Tent Saloon/Lee's Exchange (in his character of Mr. Lee), and in the dapper role of Albert Gallatin, he was one of Living History's treasures. His gentle humor, eye-popping sense of style, and great joy will be sorely missed.

Sit Tibi Terra Levitas, our friend.

Eliza Ritchey McKee

Eliza Ritchey McKeeEliza Ritchey McKeeEliza Ritchey was born in Cannonsburg, Washington County, Pennsylvania on July 25, 1802 to Craig and Mary Ritchey. Craig came to America from Scotland in his youth and Mary was a product of the Virginia gentry.

Eliza grew up in pleasant circumstances in Cannonsburg and in her twenty fourth year married Redick McKee, a devout Presbyterian lad from nearby McKeesport (named after his family, of course) and moved in with her family.

Then the children started coming:

  • John in 1826;
  • William in 1828;
  • Andrew in 1830;
  • Eliza (stillborn) in 1833;
  • Henry in 1834;
  • Sarah in 1836;
  • Redick, Jr. in 1838.

In 1840 the family moved to Wheeling, Virginia (later West Virginia) while Redick Senior was engaged in various business enterprises. Surprising nobody at the time their last child, David, was born in Wheeling.

In Memoriam — Yolanda Starr

Doña YsabelDoña Ysabel
Yolanda moved on from our fellowship on June 10, 2011. She was an active, engaged, and colorful member for many years, bringing to us a deep understanding of the Californio experience, and a constant challenge to us to remember all of her names.

Doña Ysabel Katarina de Consuelo Leon y Vidal will be with us no longer. We are glad that she shared her last years with us.

In Memorium - Wanda Leventin - 1947-2010

Wanda Leventin passed away the evening of September 22, 2010. She had been hospitalized for the last week and was in a coma at the time of her passing. Wanda was a gentle soul who will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with her daughter Jennifer and long time companion Jim.

Sit Tibi Terra Levitas, our friend.

Memoria - Ken Knott

My dear friend Wanda passed away. She was a loving soul and a good friend. I met Jim and Wanda when we were in the same OSLHP training classes in spring of 1999. Jim wears such wonderful hats, I was curious where he obtained them. Wanda told me she did hat work: hatbands, sweatbands and liners. I hat recently acquired a silk-floss top hat that needed a new sweatband. Wanda put in a new white kid leather sweatband; it was beautiful and made the hat brand new again! So we became friends.

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